Slow and Steady – Perimeter Wall & Potholes

During November The Capin Group and HOA stayed busy working on small projects/maintenance items around the community.

Our community, and many of the areas in Miami Lakes, have beautiful lush, large oak trees and green canopies lining the streets and within the neighborhoods. These feature though beautiful as they are, at times cause extra effort in keeping the surroundings attractive and neat.  Our perimeter wall falls victim to this situation because the Florida humidity, rains, and shades cause our wall to continually accumulate algae, bugs and dirt.

The Pressure Cleaning Man Inc.,  has been contracted to provide two (2) soft wash  and pressure cleaning of the top and exterior of the perimeter wall. Mailbox areas will also be included. These services will occur bi-annually. Our first service was in November and in May another maintenance wash will take place.

During your walks around Loch Isle or as you pick up mail at the mailboxes you may have noticed that our roads need work – many areas have potholes that can be a nuisance. The Loch Isle HOA is currently working on options and estimates for fixing our private roads; however, a very large pothole in the Greentree entrance was pointed out by our insurance inspector and immediate atttention was required for our policy renewal. Pavement Striping Corp was contracted to fill the pothole on Greentree, but also to fill others in the community.  A total of 16 potholes were were filled.


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Board of Directors Meeting July 15, 2024
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