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We are happy to report that the long overdue SE wall repair began late August with the demolition and clean-up of the debris. Rebuilding commenced the first week of September. It is estimated the project with take approximately two (2) weeks – dependent on rain and required inspections.

Joseph Blasucci from 5 Star Construction of SW FL Inc, a licensed and insured registered corporation, was awarded the contract after review of three (3) submitted quotes to the Board of Directors.

For those that have resided in the Loch Isle Community for many years, you can attest to the numerous times that this wall and area have been affected by vehicles traveling west on Miami Lakes Drive. It is a community concern that these events pose a serious danger to Loch Isle residents as well as many Miami Lakes residents in general, that use this sidewalk during their daily routines. Attending our the Town Council Meetings is on our agenda. We would like to bring awareness and a sense of urgency to the Town of Miami Lakes in helping us secure a viable method to safeguard our community from future accidents. Please join us in this effort. Additional information will be forthcoming.

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Miami Lakes Loch Isle HOA Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting July 15, 2024
7:00 pm

Location: Miami Lakes Youth Center

6075 Miami Lakes Drive