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How much do homeowners association fees cost, are they paid yearly or monthly and what amenities and services do fees include?

Loch Isle HOA fees are paid yearly and as of August, 2023 are as follows: $944 for Wet Lots and $894 for Dry Lots. These fees are applied to maintenance of the lake, fountation, and common areas.

How do you handle lates fees, what are the fines per violation and how often do you charge a special assessment?


What are the noise policies for common areas?


Are there noise policies in place for animals, what are the rules for cleaning up after pets and do pets need to be leashed when outside?


Can I lease out my residence?

A unit owner must have owned the unit at least 24 months before qualifying to rent the unit (found in the Amended and Restated By Laws pf ML Loch Isle HOA dated, Feb 2007). The owner must provide the Board with a set of three (3) requirements – found in our Documents section under Rules and Regulations

What type of home-based businesses are permitted?

No trade, business, profession or commercial activity, or any other nonresidential use, shall be conducted if in connection with customers, clients, suppliers, service providers or patines come to or reside in the unit as a necessary part of that use. Please refer to the 3rd Amendment of Declaration of Restrictions date Dec.,2000 in our Document section.


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Miami Lakes Loch Isle HOA Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting July 15, 2024
7:00 pm

Location: Miami Lakes Youth Center

6075 Miami Lakes Drive